Yogdeep is founded by magesh. The word ‘YOG’ means to unite or union of body mind and soul . the word ‘deep’ means light . thus yogdeep means the enlightment of body , mind and soul . YogDeep, an enlightening center of yoga follows Hatha yoga and yoga sutra principles .

        The main aim of Yogdeep is to spread the awareness of yoga throughout the world .the real focus of our center is not only to help healthy people but also to help people who have diseases and who are stressed .

        We deal mainly with asana and pranayama which are the third and the fourth limb of ashtanga yoga (eight limbs of yoga) as given by the great sage patanjali .relaxation techniques are also taught in our center , so that the real inner peace and calmness will be felt by the practioners .
      Props used in our center are wooden bricks, ropes, belts, bolsters, pillows, chairs, to name. A few Props are used with the aim of making our students toexecute the asanas, correctly. It makes the practioner to do the asana with ease and makes one stay comfortably in the asana. It is very helpful for our aged practioners to do the asanas which may not be possible otherwise. It is very beneficial for our practioner who come to us with different aches and pains.Thus using props makes one feel at ease while in the asana.
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