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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word "YUJ" which means Union.

Yoga is the harmonious union of our body, mind and soul.

In this era of stress and anxiety, gift yourself the peace that comes with yoga

Experience the positive efffects of yoga with Yog-Deep.. the yoga centre where we aspire to spread positivity through the science of traditional yoga

Since 2005 we have been helping our members to achieve the ultimate goal of good health and a healthy mind.

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Monday - Thursday  (Group Sessions)

Regular practice of physical yoga which involves your breathing, body and mind. Sessions are usually around 50 minutes of breathing exercises, yoga asanas and meditation.
Online and Offline sessions available.


One to One Session

Yogic practice for people suffering from stress, anxiety, hypertension, asthma, allergies, backache, neck ache, diabetes, thyroid, arthritis ....

We also provide dietary advice.

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Yoga is the finest gift you can give to yourself !

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I joined YogDeep 3 years back. I am a little overweight and have issues of diabetes. Being a Psychologist my nature of work is sedentary. Ever since I have joined YogDeep my sugar levels are better managed and my weight problems are also in control.
Kiran Maam is a very alert, competent and sensitive yoga-master. She explains all the asanas and pranayama very well and also demonstrates them. She also gives alternate postures to sadhaks who cannot do a particular posture. She suggests doable diet plans also. The classes are very smooth and hassle free.  I want to recommend it to one and all.

Swagata Das


Yoga is an ancient practice that connects the mind, body, and spirit through body poses, controlled breathing, and meditation. The practice of yoga has many health benefits associated with it.
With this knowledge, I walked into Yog Deep centre to find out more and in particular if it could control my recently diagnosed hypothyroidism. It was in 2012 that I met Kiran and under her guidance ever since I have been practicing yoga.
Yoga has helped me in many ways and has become a regular part of my routine.thank you kiran for helping me explore a healthy option and making it a part of my life. your continuous  encouragement has surely been the reason for my long association with your class.
Thank you

Meeta Singh


Yog is a way of life, living, lifestyle & many other things. Yog is also a means of good health without the intrusive interventions.
Kiran, our guru of Yog Deep, is an embodiment of an expert yog trainer and a health advisor. She has ensured that despite the seriousness of yog training, the environment at Yog-Deep is always light and jovial. Her dealing with individual trainees gives the impression of a one-on-one personal interaction. Each trainee is allowed/advised to proceed with the training at her/his own pace. Kiran insists on this and this dependent on health of the trainee. She keeps herself abreast of individual limitations and progress of her pupils

Haripal Sonawat


I joined Yog Deep classes in 2014. At this stage of my work and life, i felt the need to get into a regular regime of taking care of my health.  Gradually yoga has become a part of my life. The yoga sessions make me feel energised and calm. I enjoy the sequence and pace of the pranayams and asanas, and appreciate the individual connect that Kiran establishes with each of us in the class.

Mouleshri Vyas


This is my third year of yoga class with Kiran and I am grateful to her for benefitting me with the richness of yoga. Her personal care for each student is remarkable. This is the only form of exercise I have been regular with and all thanks goes to Kiran. Each day we practice different set of asanas which takes care of our whole body and makes it interesting too. Wishing Kiran and Yogdeep all the success.

Reema Chaterjee


I have been regularly doing yoga with Kiran since more than 6 years. Thanks to the loving nature and patience of Kiran that yoga has become an essential part of my life!

Before joining YOG DEEP, I had attempted to do yoga at other classes but somehow couldn't continue for long. But the constant encouragement, patience and loving nature of Kiran made me continue for six long years!! Thanks again YOGDEEP and Kiran for keeping me fit and healthy. Wishing all the very best to YOGDEEP.

Deepa Vasandani


I, Neelu Mundra, joined the Yog -Deep a decade back. Yoga gives positivity & fitness

Neelu Mundra


I have been in this class since 12-13 years. I enjoy it a lot.
I am physically and mentally fit because of this. The training is good and we get positive thinking, relaxation and love from doing yoga.

Naina Tekchandani


My association with “YOG DEEP” yoga classes has been for the past five years.
My instructor Kiran is extremely knowledgeable and caring. She provides a warm and supportive atmosphere for her students and is attentive to each other’s needs.
These classes keep me fit not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well. Always look forward to attend these classes.

Anju Shahi


I have been practicing yoga with ‘YOG-DEEP’ since  six yrs. It's been a really a good experience doing yoga with my instructor Kiran.

 Asanas are well  demonstrated, taught and their benefits explained

It's complete combination of warm-ups, asanas and Pranayam.

Always look forward to attend the class

Archana Jayarajan


Yoga....Indian system of exercise to keep both our body and mind healthy .Yogdeep is a perfect fit to Yoga. Kiran, you are a very good instructor and a great human being too. The online classes during this lockdown period has really boosted our energy

Subha Prabhu


Yog Deep as the name states they really enlighten you on the benefits of every Asana and Pranayams performed. Kiran Di (Owner & Instructor) personally monitors that every person in the class performs poses and breathing exercises correctly. Yoga brings in lot of energy and positivity in life

Sweta Chheda


I joined YogDeep classes last year and it has been an amazing journey so far. Lock-down posed a challenge early this year but Kiran ma'am swiftly switched over to online live sessions and we were all back in the rhythm .
Kiran ma'am is a thorough professional, very supportive in her approach and most importantly she is wonderful human being !
I am totally loving it

Anjali Chabra


I joined Yog Deep classes in 2018. The Yoga class is amazing. Kiran mam is a professional and she pays personal attention to each and everyone. I enjoy Asanas and Pranayams. Yoga has brought peace and positive energy in my life.


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